I was born and brought up in Brighton. I attended Elm Grove infants and junior schools. 

When I was approximately ten years old we were taught the history of the school itself. I was totally hooked and found it so very interesting.

There started my fascination for local history.

After reading many local history books during the mid 1980's I decided to start taking photographs around town. I realised it would be of interest to future generations.

So here it is: Brighton through my eyes. From the 1980's onwards.

Carol x



Brighton has seen many changes over the years. Some for the good and some not. During the fifties and sixties Victorian architecture was seen as old fashioned and tasteless. It was during these times we lost some amazing buildings and streets around Brighton. Would all the back streets pre Churchill Square have now been a wonderful tourist attraction like the Lanes, instead of the charmless shopping centre we have now?

Will the charmless shopping centre we have now, one day be classed as amazing historical architecture? Who knows?

During the 80's and 90's the North Laine was almost a demolition site. An area which has greatly improved and is now classed as a desirable place to shop and eat and live. For some reason I seem to have documented this area well during this time.



All photographs have been taken by myself over the years. Some in very bad condition due to being stored in a cardboard box underneath a water tank which sprang a leak. The photos had to be prized apart by soaking in water and later frozen until I could part them. I scanned and cropped out as much damage as possible. Sadly many photo's were lost. A lesson was learnt from this, plastic storage boxes is the way to go.

However, despite the poor quality I hope you enjoy them and it brings back some memories of times gone by.

This website is only just  the beginning so please pop back every now and then to see what has been added.

A massive thank you to the guys that created the website My House My Street. This made my researching of properties so much easier.

Carol x


Links to other interesting local websites:

Brighton Past (Facebook group). Come and join my group on Facebook. A fantastic place to share your old Brighton pics and share memories with other Brightonians. Tons of old photos to look through.

Ghost- of Urban Exploration A website dedicated to urban exploration around Brighton and the Sussex area including inside photographs of the old Royal Alexandra Hospital and Brighton Municipal Market.

Dumpman Films  great films to buy of disused railways around Brighton and Sussex, including the Kemp Town railway line, Volks Seashore Electric railway and film footage of the West Pier before the fire that finally destroyed it.

Tram 53 Brighton's last surviving tram. A story of the derelict state it was found in and it's gradual restoration.

http://www.mhms.org.uk/  My House My Street website. A great tool for researching. Digitized old street directories. 

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