We Are The Mods!  We Are The Mods!

Mod reunion. August 2012.

 The Long Tall Texans.

Great to see them back busking on Dukes Street after all these years!

Photo taken 2012

 East Street.

English's oyster bar. This is my favourite corner of Brighton. Originally two fishermens cottages. Over 400 years old. Lucky for me this was my view from where I worked every day for three years during the 1990's.

Photo taken 2010

 Back in the 1960's Brighton was invaded by Mods and Rockers. In 1979 a film was made about these times. Quadrophenia! Well of course I wasn't around to witness the events in the 60's but I do remember the revival after the film was released during 1980. I thought I was a Mod back then but I was only 13, so a few badges and a bob haircut didn't quite cut it!

But even now, the Mods and Rockers still come back, even  if somewhat aged! Brilliant to see and they truly are Brighton to me!

photo taken 2011

 The old Penny Arcade. Originally on the Palace Pier  but now situated under the arches to the west of The Palace Pier. One of my sons favourite places to be!

Photo taken 2009.

 Originally stuck up on a hill away from the rest of the town. The Workhouse! Built in 1866. The inmates would hang over that wall on race days with their caps begging for money as the people came down Elm Grove from the horse racing.

Now of course it's the Brighton General Hospital. Ever been inside? well, I can safely say it probably hasn't changed that much! (Only joking NHS!)

Photo taken 2009.

Brighton Municipal Fish Market. Circus Street. Now standing derelict but once and important part of peoples lives in Brighton. Originally the fish market was on the seafront but by 1960 it was classed as unhygienic and moved to the Circus Street site.

Photo taken 2011 

An amazing cottage tucked away in Mighell Street (well, what's left of it). It might not make it into the tourist books but I love the way it has survived amongst all the new building around Amex. Somehow, I don't expect it to be standing for much longer!

Photo taken 2010.

Dolphin Cottage, Kings Road.

 I just love these two cottages. Probably one of Brightons best kept secrets!

Tucked away, off a little alleyway behind 7 Kings Road this amazing building has survived since the 1700's. Believed to be  the last of a row of fishermans cottages that would have continued northwards. It even has an original firebucket hanging outside the cottage. If you're ever lucky enough to go past when the gate is open, go and take a look. It's just awesome!

Photo taken 2010

7 Kings Road

I just love this shop front. Unchanged probably since the day it was built. Kings Road was once full of little shops like this. 

Sadly since this photo the base of this shop front has been replaced. Sympathetically, but still it has lost something with doing so! Jan 2014.