The Storm of 1987.

During the night of October the 15th and 16th 1987 Brighton and the rest of the South East of England was hit by a massive storm. It was the worst storm to hit Brighton since 1703.

Most people, if asked, can remember what they were doing and where they were on that night.

I was baby sitting for my nephew Christopher in Portslade when it started. I remember coming home in a taxi back into Brighton when it all started. I was awake most of that night, listening to the storm and hearing glass breaking here and there. We lost all electricity that night , not such a nightmare then as it would be today. We had battery operated radio's (yes, it's true!) so we could still keep intouch with what was happening.

Anyhow the next morning I stupidly got up for work as usual and walked into East Street. A lot of the following photos are from my journey to work that morning and some from the days that followed. Really I should have taken the day off sick, like others did, and gone out and taken even more photographs.

Even today 33 years later there is still much evidence of the Great Storm of 1987 particulary in the woods around Sussex.

Carol x

Queen's Park.

 Queen's Park. The climbing tree which (no longer exists) and my Dad walking along in front.

October 1987.

 Trees at Queen's Park October 1987.


 The lake at Queen's Park. October 1987.


 The clock tower at Queen's park. October 1987.

 The drinking fountain at Queen's park. October 1987. 

Elm Grove.


Elm Grove just above the junction with Bonchurch Road. October 1987.


Elm Grove just above Bonchurch Road. October 1987.  

Trees being removed from houses in Elm Grove. October 1987. 

Elm Grove towards the bottom. October 1987 



 The Level.

 Fallen trees at the Level. Looking towards Elm Grove area. October 1987.

The Level. October 1987.

Wall at Union Road destroyed by fallen trees. October 1987. 

 I believe this photograph to be of Union Road. October 1987.

Crushed bus stop at the Level. October 1987. 

A crushed bus stop and wall at Union Road by the Level. October 1987. 

 St Peters and Victoria gardens.

 St Peters church. October 1987.

Victoria Gardens by the Mazda fountain.  Oct 1987.


Victoria gardens. Now there's a lady who wasn't amused! October 1987. 

 The Pavilion Grounds.

 Fallen tree's at the Pavilion gardens. Oct 1987.

The front of the Pavilion gardens. October 1987.

One of the columns off the North Gate to the Pavilion.  Oct 1987.



At the north entrance to the Pavilion. October 1987.

 New Road

Damaged telephone boxes at the west entrance to the Pavilion gardens in New Road. 

October 1987.


 St Nicholas Church.

St Nicholas church. October 1987. 

Above: St Nicholas's church. Martha Gunns grave.  October 1987.