Demolitions and New Builds.

The changing face of Brighton. So much has ben demolished and replaced with new builds over the last decade or so. Some buildings we were sad to see go, others we rejoiced to see them being bull-dozed. Other buildings have been saved and modernised and converted for other uses. I have tried to capture as many as possible over the years. 


Demolition of Boots and the Co -op (formerly Bellman's, Fine Fare, Somerfields) on London Road. Built in the early 1970's. Student accomodation is being built with retail premises underneath. 

One block I'm not sad to see demolished.

July, 2019.
July, 2019.
May, 2020.
September, 2020.

December 2018

Demolition of the Lectern Pub (formerly the Royal Hussar), Pelham Terrace, Lewes Road.  Built in the early 1930's. 

Photo: 3rd Dec 2018
Photo: 3rd Dec 2018
Photo: 3rd Dec 2018
Photo: 3rd Dec 2018

October 2018.

Days are numbered for most of the buildings along Pelham Terrace, Lewes Road. The demolition of two pubs, a supermarket and three cottages will commence soon. To be built in their place 189 student rooms. 

October 2018
October 2018
October 2018.
October 2018.

July 2018

Demolition has started of the old Pink Coconut Night Club. Formerly Sherry's Dance Hall. The Grand Concert Hall was built in 1866 on the site of Henry and Hester Thrale's house. Later it became Mellison's Skating Rink. Sherry's Dance Hall opened in 1919. During the 1950's it became the Ritz Roller Rink. The West Street facade was demolished in 1969. The Pink Coconut opened in 1983. 

The site will become a Premier Inn Hotel. 

27 July 2018
27 July 2018
27 July 2018.
27 July 2018.
27 July 2018.
27 July 2018.

April/May 2018

Demolition has started on the Astoria Cinema, Gloucester Place.  Built in 1933.  Closed as a cinema in the late 1970's, it became a Bingo Hall. This closed in 1997. 

30th May 2018.
20th May 2018.
20th May 2018
8th May 2018
8th May 2018.
8th May 2018.
2nd May 2018
2nd May 2018
25th April 2018
25th April 2018

April 2018

Work continues on the new Hannington Lane. Photo on the left is viewed from Brighton Place. The photo on the right is looking east from Poplar Row (Meeting House Lane). 

February 2018

The Downsman Pub, Hangleton way. Built in the 1950's. Soon to be demolished for new housing. 

February 2018.
February 2018.
February 2018.
February 2018.

Preston Barracks. January/February 2018.

Demolition of the remaining Army Barracks buildings are underway. To make way for student homes, academic buildings, cafe and shops. The main red brick building (Mannock building, built early 1900's) will be coming down shortly leaving only the white Crimean War building built in 1793. 

Photo 22 March 2018
Photo  22 March 2018
Photo 7 March 2018
Photo 7 March 2018
Photo 7 March 2018
Photo:7 March 2018
Photo: January 2018
Photo January 2018
Photo: February 2018
Photo: February 2018

December 2017.

Montpelier Place Baptist Church demolition. Built during the 1960's. Derelict and used by squatters in recent years. New housing is to be built on this land. 

September 2017

Work starts on the demolition of Circus Street school to make way for Student accommodation, homes, offices and new teaching facilities for the University of Brighton. 

Circus Street school built c. 1873 by Thomas Simpson. 

Sept 1st 2017
Sept 1st 2017

March 2017.

The demolition of the Atilla and Jubilee Buildings at the Sussex County Hospital.  The Atilla Building was built c. 1853 as the Female Orphan Asylum. It remained here until 1936 when the orphanage was moved to Rosaz House in Bristol Gate. 

Jubilee Building March 2017
Jubilee Building. March 2017.
Jubilee Building 2016.
March 2017
Atilla Building 2016

February 23rd 2017

Work continues on demolishing American Express in Edward Street. 

October 2016

Work commences on the restoration of the Volk's Railway. 

October, 2016
October, 2016.
October 2016. Engine Shed.
November 2016. Demolition of the old station building (Old tram shelter).
New engine shed, 2017.
New station being built, 2017. 

September 2016

Demolition started on the American Express building in Edward Street. 


 Freehold Terrace developement. Demolition of a printers business to make way for student accomodation. This new building can be seen from the Race Hill. It reminds me of Lego but I kind of like it. 

August, 2016
August, 2016.
December, 2018.
August, 2019
August, 2019.
August, 2019.

August 2016

Demolition starts on the shelter hall at the bottom of West Street. A new shelter hall to go up in its place. 

4th August 2016

The opening of the i360. The fireworks were cancelled due to high winds that day. 

June 2016

The demolition of Thwaites Garage at 33 Mighell Street. Five four bedroom houses are planned for this site facing on to Carlton Hill. 

Photo taken 2010. 
Photo taken 2016
Photo taken 2016
Photo taken Jan 2018.
Photo taken 2016.

 January 2016

Demolition of the shelter hall and kiosk at the bottom of West Street begins. The kiosk is being dismantled carefully. To be restored and placed on East Street Bastion. Built during the 1880's the shelter hall and kiosk have developed structural weaknesses in more recent years. Businesses from the shelter hall were moved out two years ago in fear the hall may collapse. The new designed hall will be very similar to what is being removed. 

Photo taken Jan 14th 2016 

Photo taken Jan 14th 2016 

Photo taken Jan 30th 2016 

Photo taken Jan 30th 2016

 November 2015.

Brighton Municipal Market, Circus Street. Demolished to make way for student housing and The Dance Space for South East Dance. Also a library and arts centre for the University of Brighton.

 November 2015

The demolition of the Buxton's building on the corner of Ditchling Road with Oxford Place. Buxton's began in 1919 as a small shop. During the 1960's Buxton's expanded into the premises being demolished here. 

The store closed in 2004. Now being redeveloped into a mixture of retail/offices and student accommodation. 

Photo: November 2015
Photo: November 2015
Photo: November 2015
Photo: November 2015. 

Updated Photos.

Photo:November 2016
Photo: May 2017.

 April 2015

Number 15 North Street. Timpsons shop. The council have given the go ahead for it's demolition to make way for the Hannington Lane project. I'll be sad to see it go. One of the oldest surviving buildings in North Street. 

From the 1950's Lobb the Ladies handbag shop was in business here. Salmon and Gluckstein's tobacconist had the premises from c.1895 to 1935.

During the 1880's it was an umbrella shop ran by E Quait.

During the 1840's to 1860's Edward Stone (later taken over by Sarah Stone) had their french corset business here. 

The earliest record of a business here that I could find was in 1822 when it was a Cutler's ran by Robert Hacker. 

Photo 1991. 

Photo 2015. 


August 2014

Renovations continue on the old stable block behind Stanmer House. Starting to look good.It was sad to see the only originals walls left are the outer exterior walls.

 July 2014.

Demolition has started on Rosaz House in Bristol Gate. Formerly the Brighton and Hove Girls Orphanage. Named after Francois De Rosaz who founded the Female Orphan Asylum in Western Road in 1822.

To be built in its place will be the Macmillan Cancer Support Centre.

Above: Taken in 2014 prior to demolition.


Above: Taken in 2014 prior to demolition

 June 2014

The demolition of yet another pub. The White Crow (originally the Allen Arms) on the Gyratory.

 June 2014

Lewes Road and corner of Newmarket Street. Demolition of the corner building to make way for a four story student block.


 April 2014

Building on the site of the Stag pub in Upper Bedford Street. Image included on how it will look when finished.

 February 2014

Saunders Glass in Sussex Place. It's final days prior to demolition.

February 2014 

Castle Street. North side, Preston Street end at approx number 19A. Such a shame to see this cobbled fronted building left rotting in this state. It was at one point Brook & Sons Dairy in the 1910's and 20's. Previous to this it was a coach house.

There is a planning application to demolish this building and replace it with a three storey student accomodation.

January 2014 

A little snoop around the old Municipal Market in Circus Street. We managed to get some photos before the area is redeveloped shortly.


January 2014.

The demolition starts on the old Queens Square ice rink. The building of 31 flats and office space will take over the site.

 December 2013.

The delayed completion of the Open market. Now scheduled for March 2014.

28th August 2013.

Demolition of the Cobblers Thumb, New England Road.

The earliest mention of the New England Inn that I could find was in 1872 with the owner being W. Stevens. The New England Inn would have served the railway workers on their way home down New England Road. Such a shame to see it go. Apparently it was in a bad way structurally according to the demolition men. However it was owned by the Council and I don't believe they were in any hurry to save it as they plan to build  Brighton's first shipping container homes for the homeless behind it. Watch this space...

The picture above taken in 2010.  

Photo to the right. The door stop, the last piece of the Cobblers standing. Aug 2013.

 August 22nd 2013.

Demolition of St Albans church, Coombe Road.

St Albans was built between 1910-14. The church survived 100 years. Due to a lack of finances and a leaking roof St Albans was closed in 2006. Whilst watching the demolition I was told a lovely little story  by a man passing by . He told me that back in the early 1900's people in the neighbourhood had paid for the building of the church by buying a brick each.

100 years later it has been demolished and flats are to be erected in its place.


 Update March 2015.

The new houses are almost complete. Lovely to see they have embedded the foundation stone to the church in the new front wall.

 August 16th 2013.

Demolition of the Stag pub. Upper Bedford Street.

The earliest record for the Stag I could find was in 1854. The owner being Francis Antrim. Previous to this though Francis Antrim was a beer retailer in Upper Bedford Street from as early as 1841. Whether this was the Stag, I do not know. Francis lived in Upper Bedford Street with his wife Ann and their six children. It seems that his son Henry Antrim was running the Stag from at least 1854. By 1861 Francis had died and Ann was running the Stag at this time. In 1871 Henry is running the Stag with his wife and family. I have been told by the new developers that the Stag was not the original building except for the right side where the blocked up archway would have led into Bedford Buildings. However old this building was I loved that it survived all the tower blocks that have been built around it. To know that the Stag survived in whatever form it did for almost 170 years is incredible. I was lucky enough to have a drink in the Stag  a few days before it closed in April 2012.

To be built in its place is a 3 storey building comprising of nine residential flats with office space on the ground floor.

 August 2013

St Alban's Church. Coombe Road.

St Alban's opened in 1910. It closed in November 2006 due to structural damage and lack of funds to repair it. St Albans's is to be replaced with housing. We managed to gain access a couple of weeks before it's demolition.

June 2013.

Puget's Cottage

A cottage dating back to pre 1700's has been discovered behind number 15 North Street. It is believed to have been a two story farm house originally with another floor added later. Built during the time when North Street was nothing but farm land. The cottage itself faces east. There has been no external access to this building for over 100 years. Plans are to knock down this cottage and number 15 North Street (Timpsons building) to make way for a new lane into the Lanes. Hopefully plans can be altered so as not to demolish these two ancient buildings.

 June 2013

Stanmer House horse stables built c. 1725. Grade II listed buildings. Renovation work to convert them into housing has begun.

May 2013

Work has started on the conversion of the Co Op in London Road into student accommodation. These views are from London Terrace looking towards Baker Street with the demolition of the Co Op food hall.

Looking towards Baker Street from London Terrace. The east wall of the food hall. May 2013. 

 Looking towards Baker Street. Remains of the front of the food hall. May 20113.

Looking towards Baker Street. Just at the end of the food hall where it led to the Post Office. May 2013.

 Looking towards Baker Street at the eastern corner of the food hall. May 2013.

 January 2013

The demolition of the arches between the West Pier and the Band Stand. Apparently they are being repaired. Whether they will look the same once rebuilt, I guess we'll have to wait and see.


 24th November 2012

The demolition of the bowling green  hut at Queens park after it was set on fire on bonfire night.

 November 2012

So the poor traders of the Open Market are moved, yet again, back into their old location in Marshalls Row. But in new temporary units.

 November 2012

Work commences on the redevelopement of the Level.

 8th September 2012

A visit to the Police cells under the Town Hall. The tour guide took us on a little detour to show us a well that goes under the building. History of it unknown but guessed at being there at the time of the Priory that stood on the site of the Town Hall in the 1500's.

 8th September 2012.

Demolition of the Lloyds TSB building in Oxford Street.

Sept 2012. Oxford St. 

Sept 2012. Oxford St. 

4th June 2012 

Brighton General Hospital grounds. The demolition of the nurses accomodation. In preparation for the building of three blocks of housing. In total 95 flats with community areas.

 Above:Brighton General Hospital looking North from Pankhurst Avenue. Site of the nurses homes. June 2012

Above: June 4th 2012 

 Above:Brighton General Hospital looking North from Pankhurst Avenue. Site of the nurses homes. June 2012

Above: June 4th 2012 

Above: Brighton General, same view as photgraphs above. Sept 2012. 


 April 29th 2012

Believed to be the remains of the sundial which once sat at the end of the Chain Pier behind a metal fenced off area. Found on a grave in a graveyard in East Sussex.

This needs to be saved!!

 April 22nd 2012

One of the last remaining Victorian buildings amongst a mass of modernisation. The Stag pub in Upper Bedford Street, is apparently due for demolition! Sad times!

March 23rd 2012 

Demolition begins of the Casino in Queens Road and from behind in Frederick Street.

 March 2012. Taken from Queens Road. Looking south.

March 2012. Taken from Queens Road. Looking North. 

March 2012. Back view from Frederick Street. 

Sept 2012. Above, building almost complete. 

March 2012 Back view from Frederick Street. 

Sept 2012. Above, building almost complete.

March 22nd 2012

The demolition of the bingo hall in Portland Road, Hove begins. These views are showing the back of the building, taken from Portland Road.


Feb 2012 

Feb 2012 

March 2012 

March 2012 

Update  February 2018.

 March 4th 2012

The demolished out-patients department of the Royal Alexandra Childrens Hospital in Dyke Road.The first photograph taken from Dyke Road at the site of the out-patients building. The second photograph is taken from Clifton Hill. looking at the whole cleared site.

March 1st 2012

Demolition of the Open Market. The first photo is looking East towards the Level entrance. The second photo is looking North from the Francis Street entrance. 

 February 2012

Wellington Road. last surviving villa in the area. Built in 1850 and was once home to the man who built the first locomotives in Brighton. In 1926 it became St Gabriel's Home for Girls. 

 February 8th 2012

Charles Dickens Great, Great Grandson Ian Charles Dickens unveiling the plaque at the site of the old Bedford Hotel where Charles Dickens stayed many times and wrote some of his stories from here. It was a great moment and he was so very proud.

 January 2012

The Open Market closes its doors for the last time. To be demolished and a new Open Market built in its place.