Then and Now.

Having taken photos of Brighton over a thirty five year period, it's great to be able to compare the 'then' to 'now'. People often say 'it was so much better then' but my photos clearly show, that wasn't always the case.

As I said a lot of the photographs have been very damaged by water,so many are extremely poor quality. Also my photography skills back then left a lot to be desired, still it gives you a glimpse of what was there before and how Brighton has changed.

Carol x

Queen's Park.

Photo:March 2021
Photo:April 2022
The old toilet block at the south end of Queen's Park. Disused for many years but recently bought by Open Bakery. 

King's Esplanade, Hove.

Photo: 2012
Photo: 2020
Medina House, the former Turkish Baths. Demolished in 2018 and a new home built in a similar style. Purchased by Polly Samson, wife of David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame. 

Circus Street.

Photo 2011. 
Photo 2021.
The re-developement of Circus Street. Demolishing the old Municipal Market and Cirucs Street school for student accomodation.

Queen's Square.

 Photo 2012.

Photo 2018.

Queen's Square Ice Rink. Demolished and replaced with an Aparthotel. 

Ditchling Road. 

Above: The old Buxton's site in 2012 and now in 2017. To become student accommodation. 

Stone Street

Above: Stone Street in 2013 and modernised in 2017. Old fly stables. 

Elm Grove 

 Above: Corner of Elm Grove and Hampden Road in 2005 and again in 2011. I have fond memories of the Electrical shop and the man who ran it. I remember going with my Dad  to buy our Christmas lights.  Dad and that man could talk 'Man talk' for hours!


Above: Photo on the left of the corner of Brading Road and Elm Grove back in the 80's sometime. In this instant this photograph was supplied by Floss Jarman, the lady who ran Jarmans Pet Stores along with her husband. I loved going in here with my Mum to see their talking parrot called Polly.

Trafalgar Street 

Above:  106 Trafalgar Street in 1989 and in 2012.

Above: Trafalgar Street at the corner of Over Street. Bernard Luper's the tailors, in business in Brighton for many, many years. The first photo was taken in 1994 and  the second photo taken in 2012 

 Above: No 73 Trafalgar Street in 1994 and again in 2012

 Above: Trafalgar Street at the corner of Station Street in 1990 and again in 2011

 Above:  Trafalgar Street at the junction with what was Wood Street. A street demolished in the 1960's and remnants still there in 1989 when the first picture was taken. It was tough trying to get a picture of where is was today but after some research managed to locate it. Second photo taken in 2012.

 Frederick Street

Michael Norman Antiques in Frederick Street taken in February 2012. Four weeks later in March 2012 it has been demolished. Just pure luck I managed to grab some photos before demolition as I had no idea it was going. 

Sydney Street 

 Above: 40 Sydney Street in 1994 and in 2011. My first place of work between 1984-87.

Church Street

Above: Corner of Portland Street and Church Street taken in 1991 and again 20 years later in 2011 (hmm..not much happening there I see!)


The top of Church Street in 1994 and now in 2012. Not the best of pics from 2012 but the best I could get for now! 

Portland Street 

Above: Portland Street taken in 1991 and again in 1995 

Above: How Portland Street looks today in 2011.

North Road

 Corner of  North Road and Bread Street taken in 1990 and then again in 2011


 Above: North Road at the corner of North Road and Regent Street in 1990 and later in 2012. Not much change really but such a shame the advert was painted over on the side wall. Still just visible if you get in the right light.

 Above:Corner of North Road with Robert Street in 1990 and 21 years later in 2011

Above: North Road swimming baths taken in 1990 and in 2011. 

Above: North Street at the corner of Regent Street in 1990 and again in 2011. None of the old buildings exist.

 Above:  North Road in 1990 and again in 2012. Most of the buildings have been demolished. The only thing recognisable is the cobbled paving stones to the right of the picture and the buildings further up the road.

Above:  Bottom north side of North Road in 1992 and again twenty years later in 2012. Converted from a shop in 1911 to a 350 seater cinema called the Coronation which lasted up until 1939. Later converted back into a shop.

Foundry Street 

Above: Foundry Street in 1991 and now in 2011

Kemp Street 

Above: Evening News building in Kemp Street in 1990 and again in 2012. 

East Street 

 Above: 62/63 East Street in 1991. Taken again in 2012. Previous businesses at this premises in times gone by are Andersons and the Cafe Royale. Not much has changed although the present owners have uncovered some of its original features inside the store. (My place of work for 6 years between 1987-1993)

Above: Number 11 East Street in 1991 and now in 2011

 Above: Cannon cinema in 1991 and now Days restaurant in 2012.

Meeting House Lane 

 Walter Gillets store which ran from Market Street, along Nile Street and to Meeting House Lane shown here in 1987. The old building was largely demolished. Part of it was saved at the Meeting House Lane end. Photographed again in 2012.

Gloucester Road 

 Above: The corner of Gloucester Road and Tidy Street in 1994 and now in 2011

New England Road 

Above:The church at the bottom of New England Road in 1990 replaced with flats. Taken in 2012.

Dyke Road 

 Above: the Out-patients department of the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Dyke Road in November 2010 and the cleared site now in March 2012. The only thing to compare in each photo is the road markings on the floor outside the building.

Western Road 

Above: The corner of Western Road in 1990 and again in 2012.

Air Street 

Above: Air Street in 1988 and again in 2012. Most of the right hand side from 1988 has been demolished. Except maybe the pub (The Quadrant as it was) there is nothing left of old Air Street.

West Street  

Above: St Pauls in West Street in 1987 with the old cinema on the left.  The cinema was demolished during the 90's.  Photo taken again in 2012

 Above: The building of the Royal Oak hotel in 1991. Built on the site of the SS Brighton sports stadium which had been demolished decades before this. Photographed again in 2012.

Islingword Road 

Above: The bottom of Islingword Road in 1988. The Co-Op dairy is just to the right of the photograph. Taken again in 2012. The Co-Op dairy long gone and replaced with housing.

Baker Street 

 Coopers in Baker Street famous for its cheap haircuts for men. Taken in 1995. It closed not long after this photo was taken. Photographed again in 2012.

The Seafront 

Photo 2016.
Photo 2020.
The re-developement of the Shelter Hall at the bottom of West Street. Note the steps have changed direction, presumably to direct people to the Shelter Hall, rather than away from it. 

 Above: The paddling pool by the West Pier taken in 1989. Sadly now filled in and used as a skateboarding area in 2012.